Educational Programs

Graduate degree courses

Academic programs available for an exchange for students at Engineering, Architecture and Design Faculty in Campus Ensenada are Civil Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Computer Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Bioengineer, Nanotechnology Engineer, and Architecture.

Civil Engineer

The Civil Engineer is a professional committed to his environment, open to change, creative, and in a permanent search for innovation. Works individually or incoordination in interdisciplinary groups; to analyze, propose and implement solutions to social problems, related to the provision of natural resources or those produced by mankind, considering aspects of harmony, security and economy, through the planning and direction of civil works, the development of hydraulic systems, the elaboration of structural projects and the development of communication routes; always respecting the environment.

Electronics Engineer

The Electronics Engineer has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to plan, maintain, supervise and develop electronic systems through the generation and application of procedures and the use of appropriate technology, accomplishing the various sectors of society and raising their quality.

Computer Engineer

The Computer Engineer is a professional committed to his environment, open to change, creative and in an endless search for innovation, capable of working individually or incoordination in interdisciplinary groups; analyzing, proposing, and implementing solutions to problems in organizations that involve software development, computer interconnection and automation of their processes.

Industrial Engineer

The Industrial Engineer has a solid background based on the knowledge of mathematical sciences and management knowledge, which enable him to act in almost all fields of activity of the productive organizations of goods and services.


Bioengineering unites physics, chemistry, mathematics, computing, engineering principles, and biotechnological tools to analyze and understand the structure, function, and interrelation of living beings in general and with their environment, and for the solution of problems in biology, medicine, and health.

Nanotechnology Engineer

The Nanotechnology Engineer is a technologist with multidisciplinary training, skills, and values that successfully create high technology companies. To this end, the University facilitates the student's access to nanotechnology knowledge and activity through the most modern teaching methods, information management, and outreach programs with all national and international society.


Architecture is the art of designing and constructing buildings (cities), and therefore encompasses the ability to design spaces and the science of constructing the required volumes.

Postgraduate degree courses

Master and PhD in Sciences and Engineering

The purpose of the doctoral program in science and engineering is to train researchers of the highest academic level, capable of independently conducting original research. Will promote the raising of the level of teaching and research in engineering, the performance of multi and interdisciplinary studies, and the expansion of high-level groups capable of training human resources to develop science and technology in engineering in the country.

Master and PhD in Architecture, Urbanism and Design

The Master's and Doctorate Programs in Architecture, Urbanism and Design (MyDAUD) are aimed at training researchers in the multidisciplinary study of habitat at the scale of the architectural building, the object, and visual communication. The challenges of these disciplines related to the city and its relationship with the regional, cross-border, and international dynamics of northern Mexico and the southern United States of America.